Hello! Welcome to the site that holds the blogs of Soar Valley Geographers! You can access the google maps that students have created by selecting a student from the links menu on the left.

 After exploring their local area think about the following…

In what ways are your local areas different/similar

Are the ways your local areas are changing similar/different?

Are the issues facing your local areas similar/different?

Why do you think these differences exisit?


5 responses to “Greetings!

  1. I had a look at Deepesh’s local map, and thought it provided some interesting details.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve been having a look at woices:
    This is a google map where you can add audio, and might be something your students are interested in. You can organise audio placemarks as a ‘walk’ and at the moment, there are not too many other users on this , so a chance to colonise it a bit?



  3. Stunning work Mr R… (your students of course, not you personally…)

  4. Hi, I’ve found your website by looking around for schools using Google Maps. I am an Open University researcher working with a local school on a Technology Enhanced Learning project. We’re using Google Maps a little. Could I chat to you further about what you’ve done and issues and challenges you’ve encountered.

    Many thanks

  5. Thanks for all your comments people!

    Mr P – Thanks – I’m lucky… our students here are great point them in a direction and they go for it!

    Kenny – Woices looks AMAZING, its on the to do list!

    Mark – Happy for you to contact me via the school. Contact details are on the school website…

    Simon Renshaw

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